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you ask
What is tree lacing?
Tree lacing is a method of
pruning trees so that the tree allows
light and air to flow throughout its canopy. It
also reduces pest problems and dangerous branches.
Tree lacing and overall pruning enhances the natural form of a
tree and is done
for safety, health,
and aesthetics.

The following pictures are examples of pine trees that are in desperate need of tree lacing! Branches are thick and overgrown, criss-crossing one another. Some branches have become so heavy that they are tearing off of the trunk and falling down to the ground! Sometimes damaging the trunk as it falls to the ground ripping the bark off on it's way down!
Presented below is a photograph of two trees that were properly laced about 2 years ago. They had become so overburdened with heavy branches that a strong wind storm had broken many large braches off. Fortuneatly no one was near the tree when the damage had occured! Before lacing, these two trees looked a lot like the example trees (above).

As "Foot Note": Many people often confuse tree shaping with tree lacing. Tree shaping is the art of shaping living trees into art or useful ornaments. This is not tree lacing, but rather more "ornamental trimming" or "tree shaping"

Completed this week (March 2, 2016)
A combination tree lacing project of a pine tree
plus cleaning/trimming of four palm trees.
Check it out:

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